Who Is Christ

Christ is:

The gift God has given to us for redemption and salvation. He has come as the Messiah... the Savior for all the world. His name is Jesus.

Who Jesus Is 

Jesus is fully God and fully man. There is no other like Jesus. He always has been and always will be. Jesus lived on earth as a man to show the strength of God against death, the love of God through redemption, the holiness of God against sin, the way of God through the Word, and the way to God by grace. Jesus is the only one rightly called the Son of God.

Conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to a virgin, Jesus lived a sinless life, though subjected to temptation. He is the eternal Word of God made physical so that man could see the invisible made visible and know the uncontainable God walking on earth in flesh and bone. The word Christ is actually a title meaning "Anointed One" or  "Messiah."

Through the life of Jesus we are given the model of life lived in perfect submission to the will of God the Father. We are also taught the ways and whys of God through the lessons taught by Jesus.

Jesus died upon the cross as the perfect sacrifice (without blemish) to carry the sins of man; this is so man has salvation and entrance into God's eternal kingdom by acknowledging Jesus as Lord and Savior of our life and recognizing the fulfillment of prophecy as God's requirement of judgement against sin is answered.

Jesus physically rose from the grave on the third day after His crucifixion and revealed himself to His disciples and many others. In His resurrection we find the promise of eternal life after physical earthly death. Before ascending to heaven He presented the "Great Commission" to His followers.

Jesus will return to claim His kingdom on earth and rule. When that time arrives, evil will be crushed beneath His power and glory and the world enter a new age of peace.

Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, serves at the Father's right hand and is the intercessor for those who believe on Him for eternal life in His kingdom. The Church, those who have trusted in Jesus, will be identified as His bride and be granted eternal life in God's heavenly domain.

The Life and Ministry of Jesus on Earth

Why Jesus Matters