Cornerstones of Ministry

The following bullets express a partial list of factors Elijah's Echo believes are important for successful congregational health and we extend support to.

  • Men Ministries: To meet together for accountability and growth. Service ministries will grow stronger through this union and fellowship. Traditionally a strong men’s ministry is an integral part of a church’s strength and growth by its spiritual bond, service, and everyday community interaction. The physical nature of many men’s ministries often overshadows, and sometimes negates, the importance of their spiritual growth. Service participation without a continued pursuit of sanctification can withhold personal blessings as well as impacting family and community. The support and connection to strengthening the church body through association with women’s ministries and youth ministries is likewise threatened.
  • Women‘s Ministries: To meet together for accountability and growth. Have long been known for the service of compassion and helping the church address and meet many of the community and “good neighbor” needs. Sharing the unique challenges and rewards mothers and wives encounter in different phases of life and family. Women's Ministries is often at the forefront of recognizing the importance of the Missions Field and organizing support for missionaries and their families.
  • Youth Ministries: To meet for education and enjoyment through class and activities, to have an early start on discovering God’s desires for us. Discovering the abilities, talents, and gifts that increase each individual’s contribution and rewards along with personal accountability and community participation.
  • Music: An integral part of worship. Allows worshippers to bathe in the movement of the Spirit and drop emotional barriers to allowing transparency in the glory of God. Music teams can incorporate different age groups and styles for reaching out to listeners who may otherwise disregard a program. Music/worship teams are often welcomed outside the church at community gatherings and events for their entertainment values while being able to reach out to people who may not hear the message of the Word any other way.
  • Pastoral Support/Lay Ministries: Necessary for congregational health inside the church body and introducing or maintaining a connection with people and organizations outside the church. A pastor only has so many minutes and hours in a day. As much as a pastor may want to be a part of everyone’s joy and comfort in each person’s grief, a pastor is physically limited in this world to meet and address every moment or need of an individual in the church or the community. Time is needed for personal reflection and intimate prayer besides the administration, academics, counseling, and visitation encompassing pastoral duties each day. Lay ministries give the pastor time and support to keep a steady and refreshed watch over the church’s needs and community.


  • Renew Our Minds: While our spirit may be refreshed, our mind carries the same information gathered yesterday and receives today. Immersion in the Bible with consistency and discipline nourishes us intellectually and advocates a stronger Spirit-led thought process.
  •  Realize, Accept, and Assume Responsibility of Our Inadequacy: To deny who we are, and the sins we are capable of, blocks the realization that we fall short with our own efforts. We can only be part of full accomplishment through the guidance and grace of God. (This is not meant as carrying guilt as a constant burden, but to know we make mistakes and we can find help through God’s mercy and justice.)
  • Repentance: This means making a concrete decision to move away from our sinful inclinations by turning our thoughts and hearts toward God and living with the commitment that our thoughts and actions reflect our desire to follow Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself through our lives.


  • Fervent: With a singular and extended focus on purpose and goal.
  • Righteous: Living to increase the glory of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit
  • Humble: Bowing under the lordship of Jesus Christ
  • Attitude: Filled with thanks, praise, and hunger for the Lord’s companionship and providence, and our pursuit of pleasing Him, in His holiness and consuming love.